Etiquette Tips

  1. There are three things to never discuss in polite company: Religion, Politics and Lesser Condiments.
  2. Carefully planned dinners are a feat for hosts and their guests. It's simply courteous to let your host know if you no longer can attend.
  3. We get it, you’re on a vacation at your chateau, but please do keep the humble brag to three selfies per day.
  4. Holding your wine glass by the stem is not only etiquette 101, but also a way to keep your white and sparkling wine from warming up.
  5. Forget what utensil to start with at dinner? Use the utensils from the outside in.  The farthest fork is for appetizers; the next fork is for the next course. The same etiquette applies to spoons and knives.
  6. Never refuse a dinner invitation, unless of course another offers more courses.
  7. Gifts aren’t just for the holidays; any invitation to dinner is a chance to bring a small gift for the host. Take just five minutes to make any gift extra special by wrapping it with a bow.
  8. Open the door for a lady and she will thank you for a moment; offer her your Grey Poupon and she will thank you for a lifetime.
  9. A handwritten menu card is a simple way to add elegance to a table, and a graceful way to share ingredients with guests who may have special restrictions. 
  10. A happy holiday cocktail party is underway when each guest has a drink in hand, someone to talk to, and an appetizer spiced with Grey Poupon. 
  11. A great conversation starter at a dinner with people you don't know is to introduce yourself to guests; and maybe start with a compliment on their outfit (but mean it)!
  12. Being fashionably late to a dinner will have you seated next to the guest who overshares. If you do show up late, bring a lovely gift for the host.


All tips are inspired by established rules of etiquette. Each rule was written with these rules in mind. Different entertaining occasions may require different rules of etiquette.

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